Specialist Solicitors In Criminal, Motoring & Immigration Law

Bristol is a major financial centre and one of the largest legal centres outside of London. There is a thriving bar and numerous firms of solicitors. Moreover, the number of niche specialists firms is ever growing.  Winner of the 2017 RISE Business of the Year award, Elite Solicitors Ltd is unique. It’s youthful and modern composition and ethos provide specialist legal services in bright friendly surroundings, in a professional yet approachable manner.

Its chambers are in the heart of the city’s Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community at Easton Business Park. This location has been carefully selected due to its position, sitting in the heart of the the City’s vibrant cosmopolitan district. It also affords easy access to the M32, the City and many other areas including St Pauls, St George, Fishponds etc.

A team of experienced and enthusiastic lawyers and support staff, who are alive to, and understand, the sensitivities of the area, provide high quality legal services. Collectively they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the provision of legal services. Thus enabling the Practice to impart sound, empathetic, reasoned advice and assistance to the local and wider community.


NOTE: For confidentiality reasons, clients names are represented as initials.

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